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It is important for both large corporations and small businesses to maintain consistent and accurate bookkeeping. The experienced professionals at Goddard & Associates provide comprehensive accounting and tax services, giving entrepreneurs and busy professionals the option of having all of their needs addressed at one reliable source. We provide the guidance and support you need in order to position your company for future growth and scalability. In the event of a future sale, it is critical to have maintained “good books,” or a consistent, transparent, and accurate accounting of the company’s dealings from year to year. Goddard & Associates facilitates a streamlined and efficient approach to corporate bookkeeping and maintenance while also offering advice for tax planning strategies, payroll services, and tax form preparation and filing.

Why to Use a Professional Bookkeeper

Serious entrepreneurs and business owners with scalable business models realize that the success of a future business valuation and potential exit depends upon a variety of factors. One of the most critical is an accurate and organized accounting of your company’s books. When you work with Goddard & Associates, you can rest assured that you are receiving expert bookkeeping services that take into account the unique needs of your particular organization. We do not simply maintain your books. Rather, we gain an intimate understanding of your company’s needs and growth model in order to provide actionable advice and customized solutions that serve the future growth and profitability of your enterprise. We are your one-stop source for corporate tax and accounting, payroll, and business consulting services in Calgary.

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