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Estate and Succession Planning Services in Calgary

The experts at Goddard & Associates have decades of combined experience providing professional estate and succession planning services to clients throughout Calgary and the surrounding areas. Our company has developed a reputation as a leader in corporate tax services, business consulting, and estate planning. When planning for the future and considering your estate, it is of vital importance to consult with professionals who offer practical advice based on years of experience guiding clients to successful estate and succession plans. You do not want to trust this aspect of your future with anyone other than knowledgeable professionals with proven track records.

How Goddard & Associates Can Help

Goddard & Associates has close relationships with excellent tax lawyers and other highly qualified advisors in this field. We understand the importance of wisely planning for the future of your estate and we are prepared to offer the guidance and support you will need in order to plan, structure, and implement your plans. We will help you gain a complete understanding of the process so that you are fully capable of making informed decisions. At Goddard & Associates, we pride ourselves on offering personal attention to the unique needs of each of our clients, as well as aligning ourselves with other industry experts who focus intensively in specific areas of financial planning.

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Please call us today with any questions you have regarding estate planning and succession planning. We will help you take the guesswork out of making these important plans and show you how simple it can be to get the whole process into motion. Please contact us today for more information.

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