Dividends Vs. Salary/Wages

Dividends Vs. Salary/Wages - Understanding Your Options

Companies both large and small in Calgary face similar questions concerning their options for how to structure their corporation, pay their employees and shareholders, and intelligently implement a tax strategy that will enable growth and increased profitability. The professionals at Goddard & Associates bring a wealth of business consulting experience to the table with every client, offering insightful and actionable advice that serves the unique needs of your organization. When it comes to important considerations related to the structure of your company and the tax strategy that you need to employ for the future, including dividends versus salaries and wages, trust Goddard & Associates for professional advice backed by years of experience assisting companies of all sizes to achieve their goals.

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The future success of your company is contingent upon the strategies that you implement today. There are many share structure options for businesses, depending upon the nature and aims of the individual organization, and it is critical for entrepreneurs and business owners to have a firm grasp of the tax implications inherent in each one. Goddard & Associate helps you navigate through these important decisions, offering sound advice on a range of topics including dividends versus salary/wages, business tax deductions, business valuations, capital gains, and much more. We offer expert tax planning and preparation services that are uniquely tailored to the goals of your company.

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